‘And I think to myself ….’

I love music. I listen to music and it makes me think. I hear the words, I link it to real life issues and happenings and I get inspiration, motivation or sometimes simply a smile. Most songs actually have a useable message in there somewhere; think of the profound life lessons in classics such as ‘Oops, I did it again’, ‘Papparazi’ or ‘Daar onder lê drie pikkewyne’ (Down there lies three penguins) and ‘Baby Tjoklits’.

Me? I tend to prefer the real stuff. The Linkin Park, REM, Jan Blohm, Valiant Swart and of course Meatloaf type of stuff that is simply the inspiring uplifting songs with meaning, questions or philosophy entrenched in deep rhythm, rock, blues ……….. and ‘time’. I can’t stop wondering about some mystic ‘boer’, what I’ve done, in the end, a Van Goch touched canvass, those local odd-fellows behind the firehouse and how terrible it is to waste a kiss!

And that is the one song that I often refer back to when I’m hesitant to jump on a new opportunity, ‘A kiss is a terrible thing to waste’, as performed by Meatloaf and written by Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber and Jim Steinman. This song is about letting the future in, and not allowing the things you leave behind to drag you back.

However, last night on my way to my German lesson, as part of letting my future in, I was rudely taken back to the past and I realised again that we couldn’t ignore nor forget the past. We have to learn and improve from it. As I stepped off the bus at Sülzburger Gurtel a small little plaque in the pavement caught my eye. It was the commemorative plaque of Benedikt and Lina Juhl, plastered into the pavement tar and which simply stated that this is where the couple lived, before they fled to Holland, were imprisoned to Westerbork (see my blog posting Hup Hup Holland) and then deported to Sobibor, Poland in 1943. There they died on 21 May 1943, next week 70 years ago.

Here lived Benedikt and Lina Juhl
Here lived Benedikt and Lina Juhl

And then I sat in the class, sharing the confusion whether its ‘die, der or das kugelschreiber’ and how funny it looks when you write out 999 in German (pretty much in Afrikaans too) as ‘neunhundertneunundneunzig’, with an American, an Aussie, two French, three Spaniards, a Cameroon, a Romanian, a Bulgarian, two Italians, two Greeks, two Zimbabweans and a Pole and I thought to myself ‘what a wonderful world!’

The above paragraph-long sentence at least shows that my German lessons are working.


4 thoughts on “‘And I think to myself ….’

  1. “Music is the wine that fills the cup of silence”.
    So you think you can tell….. Maandag middag ry ek van Hennopspark af terug huis toe. Dis 4 uur, winter, 21 grade en die lug is helder blou met so ‘n rooi stoffie op die horison. Die puntsman by Main street se stopstraat swaai die spitsverkeer met sy neongroen arms onderdeur die treinbrug. Aan my regterkant is die golfbaan se gras wyd groen. Agter die klipmure van Irene aan my linkerkant is die pragtige herfskleure van die bome wat wagstaan. Net daar agter is julle huis. Ek verlang na die Hersies en ek wens ons kan weer in dieselfde fish bowl swem. Ek wil stop vir ‘n glas wyn – verkieslik op kampstoele buite op julle gras. Pink Floyd is daar in my kop. How I wish, How I wish you were here now.


    1. Ai Laurette. Dankie vir die ‘comment’. Wanneer die tyd reg is sal ons weer oorspring na dieselfde fish bowl. Intussen, soveel dinge om te sien, …


    1. Dankie Lydia, ek waardeer terugvoer, en ek geniet die skrywery baie. En jy moet darem onthou dat die hele blog idee joune was.


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