BarcaMy family and I live in Köln, Germany since October 2011. We are South Africans who were presented with an opportunity to broaden our horisons and experience a bit of Europe. It meant some serious and hugely consequential changes in our lives, but we jumped on the opportunity, as our forefathers jumped on the ships in Europe heading to South Africa some 228 years ago.

This blog is simply my view and storytelling on some of the things we do. I mostly focus on travel type posts, but sometimes, I simply write on something I’m in the mood for, mostly travel.

I take my humour seriously, but I do acknowledge that my humour is not always shared with the same enthusiasm by everyone, especially if you’re not used to the South Africanisms,  don’t know the same music as me and didn’t see the same things on the streets as me. I know my humour are not always shared and enjoyed, I have children, they tell me. However, I hope you enjoy my posts, and if you do want to learn more on some of the background, move to South Africa, stay there for the net 47 years, I’m sure you’ll catch-up.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. De Wet,

    Ons het ‘n niggie wat nou in Berlyn bly. Sy doen haar doktorsgraad en het tydelik verblyf vir 2 maande. Sy soek dus alternatiewe verblyf. Jy weet nie van iemand of iets wat vir haar kan help met verblyf nie?

    Haar e-mail adres is sanitavw@gmail.com

    Leon Bala


  2. Hi De Wet

    We are also South Africans living in Germany since 2013 we now live near Cologne since Feb 2016. Before we were near Munich. We would realy like to meet fellow South Africans as like you say we just dont share the same humour as our german friends. maybe we can meet with you or if you know of some forums or something that would be great


    1. Hi Joseph (or is that your surname?). I see your message only now, having been traveling and not in my blog recently. For sure we should have a beer, coffee or something and meet. I’ll coordinate something somewhere


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